By: Alyssa Greenhut and Abby Glazer

Many active activities are made to be played outside or inside a gym,  but with the winter season here for the next few months, during the pandemic, we need to make sure we stay fit and keep ourselves healthy. We are here to help you find fun ways to stay active with help from a few West Hills Warriors!                                                                            

6th grader, Emily Berris says that she has been staying active by running on the treadmill and lifting weights. “I enjoy doing these activities because they are very good for you and burn a lot of calories.”  Those take hard work but definitely pay off over time.

Mr. Grippo, says a few months ago he started a routine of doing push-ups and planks to start his day. “I choose these exercises because I like to do them, so I am more likely to keep the routine going every day.” We think this is a good tip and a great way to stay motivated. 

Sloane Jaffe, an 8th-grade student, said her favorite activities are definitely going on walks, and doing winter sports like skiing. These activities sound super fun and are great ways to stay active.

6th grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Purdy still goes to the gym, with new rules and restrictions. He wears his mask and sanitizes the equipment before and after usage. His outside winter activity is skiing.

Mrs. Parsell told us she stays fit and healthy with her at-home equipment and lots of running. She makes sure that also drinks plenty of water. “Believe it or not you can get very dehydrated in the winter because it’s so dry.”

Hopefully you found an activity or workout that you want to try! In case you didn’t, a few more options that we thought of are Fitness Gaming, like Just Dance, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, etc.  Another option is stretching, which may not seem like a huge workout, but it actually burns a lot of calories!  You also don’t need equipment at home for this and you can participate in follow along stretching routines off the internet. Stretching is very important to do. 

We hope that this winter you stay fit and use some of our workout recommendations, but be balanced and don’t push yourself too hard. Pump it up West Hills Warriors!