By: Abby Glazer

We all know school has changed this year, but it affects all of us in different ways. Have you ever wondered what other students and teachers were thinking about this new way of learning? Well, if you have here is your answer. I decided to ask teachers and students what the pros and cons have been to going online, and here is what they said.

Mrs. Pierre the 6th-8th choir teacher says that there have been pros and cons, it’s been easier because students can share screens to help solve problems and provide resources, but the harder part is not being able to sing as a group or do any group performances.

Ella Stybel, a 6th grader says her con is being on Via Zoom, because it doesn’t always work, making school more stressful. She said her pro definitely has to be sleeping in a bit. I also asked what her transition to middle was like, she said it was different because she doesn’t switch classes, and as a 6th grader many kids get excited to switch classrooms and teachers.

Hannah Becker, a 6th grader, said she likes being able to wear comfy clothes. She also has a bit more freedom and can grab a snack, and do other things when she wants. She dislikes the fact that the internet doesn’t always work. Hananh thought her middle school journey would have started differently, she thought she would be in person and with her friends.

6th grader, Sophia Choukourian, said, “I like to sleep in later than I usually would, but I don’t like that I don’t get to see some of my friends.” 

Mrs. Lynch, our 6th grade math teacher, said the pros of online learning are that, “Students can learn anywhere as long as you have a computer/device, could wear pajamas all day, get to be around my family all day, and later start to the day.” She said her cons are  “problems with technology; limited interaction with each other, stuck at your house- no change of scenery, different distractions, difficulty really seeing how students think about math questions, and difficulty really helping the students that don’t understand a new math concept. 

So there you have it, that is what people are thinking about going online! Could you relate to any of these pros and cons?