By: Julianna Owens

We can all agree that 2020 has not been the best year.  We have spent more time at home then ever before, but while we are home, let’s look on the bright side and find activities we can do to stay safe and have fun.  Here are ways some of our teachers and students do when they’re bored. 

Mrs. Lynch said her family usually plays board games and card games.  They also complete puzzles or Legos, and they’ve had a blast playing in the snow! Her family also has tournaments on their Pop-a-shot basketball game. She also tries to get outside and walk or bike ride.

Mr. Middleton said that he spends time reorganizing areas of his home.  When the weather is good, he works on making his garage an outdoor family room where he can have friends and family over.  He also likes to exercise, go on the boat and drink coffee while watching Carl Azuz on CNN10! Maybe for students, this translates into an entire bedroom makeover complete with LED lights and a comfortable reading chair.

Mrs. Gordon said that she loves to build forts, bake, play with Legos and go outside with her two kids.

Mr. Purdy said that he tries to stay active. He uses workout equipment and a heavy bag to box in his basement. He also enjoys hiking and mountain biking in the woods. When he wants to relax, he also enjoys reading to keep his mind busy.

Sixth grader, Emily Berris said that she spends most of her time on Tiktok.  I think some students can relate to that.

Sixth grader, Hannah Becker said that she likes to draw; a favorite activity that helps pass time.

On the other hand, you can go outside, color, create a zoom with your family and friends, play Among Us, go on Tiktok, play on Koala to the Max, watch movies, ski, practice a sport, or read.  One of my favorites is, click “play now” and you can make amazing creations like this.

If you like cool, interactive activities then you might like the website Silk Interactive Generative Art, where you can draw interesting pictures like this one.

Silk Interactive Generative Art

If you love maps and geography you can go to the website, You can draw any line and it will take you to a place in the world that has what you drew.

Another website is Google You can play online Pac-Man and so many other games. The home page looks like this, so click on any game and have fun.

If you want to get away from the computer you can go tube sledding at Bower’s Farm.  Our awesome school, West Hills, provides a lot of different clubs that you can also be part of.

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy and not stay bored. Never ever tell your parents you are bored or you might just get some chores! Stay safe and don’t forget to have fun Warriors!