By: Abby Glazer & Alyssa Greenhut

As the season transitions to spring, the temperature changes as well. We can now do more outdoor activities like sports to keep us fit. This is why we are bringing to you the sequel to “Ways to Stay Fit in Winter Covid Edition” called “Ways to Stay Fit this Spring.”  We have so many safe and fun outdoor activities to tell you about! 

Many students are starting to go on walks outside, including 6th grader Gabi Bagdade and 4th grader, Brooke Jaffe. Brooke says, “I like to go on walks because they help me reduce stress and I love being in the fresh air.”  Walks are definitely something to do in the warmer months.  Gabi not only likes to go on walks, but she also enjoys playing sports in the warm weather, including dance, acro tricks, and baseball with her brother. “I like to do them because I get to be with my friends, and it’s fun!” she explained.  

Brody Oshansky, an 8th grader, spends his spring active time running outside and going on bike rides because he can enjoy nature while staying fit. Nature can be very beautiful and the warm weather is a great bonus.  

Mr. Grippo, our 6th-8th grade physical education teacher, stays fit by playing baseball, softball, and going on hikes with his kids. He also explains that an important part of staying fit is drinking lots of water, sleeping enough hours at night, and eating healthy foods. Mr. Grippo enjoys cooking homemade meals and eating natural foods. These health tips are great for everyone to use.

Senora Salisz, our 6th-8th Spanish teacher, enjoys yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, walking and riding her bike.  She loves to get outside and surround herself in nature.  On Wednesday mornings, Senora leads a Movement and Mindfulness club at 7:30am in the field house.  She recommends finding an activity that doesn’t seem like work, rather something you have fun doing and your workout will be a breeze.

We hope that these ideas are something that you would like to do, and try these recommendations! Stay safe and active, Warriors!