By: Isabella Elzon

This year, 4th-8th grade Leadership Club planned a wonderful week where West Hills Warriors could dress up every day or bring a different object to school. This week-long activity helped our school forget about some of the downsides of 2021! Here is a look at what the week entailed:

Monday: Tie-dye/ Bright color day 

Tuesday: Pajama day 

Wednesday: Bring your pet or favorite stuffed animal 

Thursday: Wear your favorite sports team 

Friday: Color by grade level 

177 students responded to a survey about their feeling about this years’ spirit week. Check out the results below.

Forms response chart. Question title: What day was your favorite?. Number of responses: 177 responses.

As we can see, the majority preferred to wear their favorite sports team and the least favorite spirit day activity was tie-dye/ bright color day.  The anonymous survey yielded these responses, “ I picked the sports team one because I love sports”.  Another WH Warrior responded, “I liked PJ day because it made school seem less stressful because I was comfortable.” Another student shared that, “I  chose tie-dye day because everyone participated and I  thought it looked really cool and was fun. We should do a tie-dye spirit week so the entire school wears red, the whole school wears orange then yellow, etc”.

West Hills students who responded to the survey had an option to pick something they would like to change or add to spirit week so next time it can be even better.  Here is their feedback:

  1.  Add crazy hair day 
  2. Suggested a no homework day
  3. Skip PJ day
  4. Skip tie-dye day
  5. Longer – perhaps two weeks
  6. Add stuffed animal/pet day to school

Click the QR code for Photos from Spirit Week 2021

Photo credit: Mrs. Spanos 

West Hills Warriors really enjoyed this creative week. We had a taste of what school felt like two years ago. Thank you to our leadership team for planning this amazing event!